The Courtesans – Venus In Furs


Music that comes alive in the halflight of the bedroom. Feeding on scents that you know and you long for, undresses you without you knowing it, creeps slowly under your skin as you sleep.In your office, on the train.

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 The Courtesans What's On Brighton

Skirts and suits fall off leaving just your bare instincts without the armour of labels, forced smiles and formalities that are worn every day.

What's On Brighton The Copurtesans

Let yourself go and if you want more – look for The Courtesans. What is our point of difference? We’re live, we’re all girls and we’re not just another chick rock band trying to be men.

We are decadent, dark but feminine, underground pop. If you’re all up for some wicked entertainment and untamed, sultry music then click ‘like’. Peace, Love and Music! Courtesans by name and by nature.

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