Undercover Festival Comes To Brighton

Having started life in Surrey the organisers of the highly successful Undercover Festival are bringing it to Brighton. The festival will take place on September 9th and 10th at Brighton Racecourse. As well as having highly acclaimed national bands playing there are going to be plenty of local Brighton bands on the bill. The man […]

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Stuck For The Rest Of Their Lives

You would think that in this day and age of spellcheckers and dictionaries this type of thing wouldn’t happen, but it does and when it does it is hilarious. If you had a tattoo that didn’t say what you wanted it to, would you plaster the picture all over the internet, or would you change […]

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RSD – An Opportunity For New Artists

Record Store Day – The Opportunities For New Bands Independent Record Store day came about in 2007 when 700 stores in America decided to celebrate their unique contribution to the economy, both nationally and locally. The UK shops soon followed the example of the Americans and the day has grown in popularity with 2015 being […]